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Our Focus

Web and App Development

Our vision is to create visually appealing Digital Media for all platforms.

Creative Media is a digital design company specializing in Web App, Graphic and video development and design. As a creative media company we pride ourselves in standing out above the rest. We don't do average, we do awesome. We strive to deliver satisfactory work in all our projects. In order to do this it is vital that we connect with the heart and vision of each client

and build a relationship of trust and reliability in order to develop their brand. Creative Media understands the science of visual marketing. Capturing the heart of the viewer and resonating with them in a visually stimulating experience. Implementing the latest trends with the latest technolgy in order to ensure the marketing growth of your company.

Abstract Design  and Development

Design and Development

We match your need through a strict development process

The first step in this process is defining the result: This includes summarizing the project, defining specific goals, focusing on a target audience, developing key messages and strategizing. The second phase is determining the scope of the project, this is in order to maintain deadlines and deliver the expected result to all our clients. The process then moves to Wireframing and architecture, visual design, development, testing and launch.

Creative Media Graphic Marketing

Promote and Track

Strategic Marketing and Impact Tracking is vital

It would be completely pointless to develop without promotion. That is where our promote and track process comes into play. Marketing is the phase that gets your name out there. It turns effort into currency. With experience on most popular social platforms and vital knowledge of Google search engine optimization. We are able to make your brand stand out above the competition.


Our Core Technologies

This is where we shine, and are able to produce amazing stuff.

Creative Media Html5, CSS3, Javascript

Html5, CSS3, Javascript

We design sites using these three core web technologies, this ensures the best possible load time, great flexibilty and awesome user experience.

Creative Media Content Management | Wordpress

Content Management Systems

We also design sites using Content Management Systems.This ensures that the website is easily maintained by our clients. These include online stores, blogs as well as proffesional business sites.

Creative Media Angular and Ionic

Angular and Ionic

These two technologies give you access to unlimited potential. Angular is extremely scalable and lightweight for building online applications. Ionic allows you to intergrate your site directly into a mobile app, which you can submit to a mobile store for download.

Content creators and social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

A little knowledge, determination and finess and your company could make it big. Marketing is key to success in any industry. Luckily we have the skills to get you ranking and growing well, on all social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more.

Creative Media Adobe Suite

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

From video minipulation and Vfx with Premiere and After Effects, to Graphic Design with Photoshop and Illustrator we have you covered. Instead of spending ages creating your brand, let us create something amazing.

Search Engine Optimization and Analitics

Analytics and SEO

All companies want to rank well in search engines like Google in order to drive traffic to their site as well as keep track of their visitors. This is where Search engine optimization and analytics comes in. If you are friendly with Google it will be friendly with you.

Inspire Creation

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

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